Australian Explorers - Introduction

In the golden days of Australian exploration, it was common practice for successful explorers, upon returning from an expedition, to publish their journal (diary).

Many of these print form documents are still in existence as are a few of the hand written originals or fragments of the originals.

In recent years a number of the journals of the great explorers of Australia have been republished on the web, mostly as excessively long, single page documents.

This Australian Explorers website reproduces these journals as they were originally written, one entry to a page and similar bite sized pieces, making reading much more pleasant and practical.

Additionally, the journals are individually, fully searchable, making these versions of the historical documents of the great explorers of the Australian continent, the ideal resource for the history student, researcher, author and historian as well as the casual adventure reader.

In Australian Explorers, so much eye witness Australian history unfolds, giving a great insight into theĀ  developing relationship between the Aboriginal owners and the European settlers.