Preliminary Remarks — Unjust Opinions Generally Entertained of the Character of the Native — Difficulties and Disadvantages he Labours Under in His Relations with Europeans — Aggressions and Injuries on the Part of the Latter in Great Degree Extenuate His Crimes
Physical Appearance — Dress — Character — Habits of Life — Meetings of Tribes — Wars — Dances — Songs
Food — How Procured — How Prepared — Limitation as to Age, etc.
Property in Land — Dwellings — Weapons — Implements — Government — Customs — Social Relations — Marriage — Nomenclature
Ceremonies and Superstitions — Forms of Burial — Mourning Customs — Religious Ideas — Empirics, etc.
Numbers — Diseases — Cause of Limited Population — Crimes Against Europeans — Amongst Themselves — Treatment of Each Other in Distribution of Food, etc.
Language, Dialects, Customs, etc. — General Similarity Throughout the Continent — Causes of Differences — Route by which The Natives have Overspread the Country, etc.
Effects of Contact with Europeans — Attempts at Improvement and Civilization — Account of Schools — Defects of the System
Suggestions for Improvement of System Adopted Towards the Natives