John McDouall Stuart - Second Expedition


Saturday, May 14th, The Margaret Creek.

Saturday, May 14th, The Margaret Creek. The morning very cloudy; every appearance of rain. Saddled and proceeded in search of Emerald Spring, on a north course. At seven miles made Mr. Babbage's old camp on a sand hill. Camped a little way from it. I did not know the position of the spring, but Herrgott informed me that it was three miles to the west. It commenced raining before we started, has rained all the way up, and is still doing so; it is a very light rain, but the wind is very strong and cold from the south-west. Intended to have brought up my plan, but the rain and wind prevent me.

Sunday, 15th May, Mr. Babbage's Old Camp.

Sunday, 15th May, Mr. Babbage's Old Camp. It cleared off during the night, but the clouds have come up again this morning and look very threatening. Sent Herrgott to find the spring. The wind is still from the same quarter, and too strong for me to do anything to the plan, which is a great annoyance. I will finish the survey of the runs from this place, and send Campbell back to Oratunga with the plan. Herrgott did not return until after sundown: he could not find the spring.

Monday, 16th May, Same Place.

Monday, 16th May, Same Place. Sent Muller to the west; he returned at 10 o'clock, having found the spring about two miles and a half distant from the camp; it is not hot, but a little warmer than milk-warm. There is a good stream running from it, and the water is excellent; to me it has a mineral taste, very good. There were some small fish lying dead on the bank, near the mouth; they seemed to have been left there by the retiring of the flood--they were quite dried up. I intended to have taken some with me, but they were too dry--nothing but skin and bone. The creek empties itself into the lake, about a mile north from where Chambers Creek goes into it.